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The New Immigration Policy: American Citizen Edition - Step-Sisters Angel Santana & Yesenia Youso - Part 11 of 16

100% Uncut With Consent Scenes And Behind The Scenes At The Start and End Of Movie

These are Yesenia Youso’s 1st Adult Movies EVER

The original series of “The New Immigration Policy” was influenced by current events in which illegal immigrants have been placed into detention camps. The government justified this as a means to figure out a solution to the immigration issue that we face. Many of those held in these camps are political refugees seeking asylum but are often portrayed otherwise. 

The New Immigration Policy: American Citizen Edition re-imagines the original series so that immigration reform begins to impact natural-born American Citizens. In America’s continued war on anything not white, border state governments invalidate all previously issued birth certificates of certain hospitals. American Citizens issued birth certificates by these hospitals overnight become illegal aliens inside their own country! Much like those who came illegally, these citizens are subjected to the same treatment, and the unluckiest are sent to government labs to serve one year as human guinea pigs to regain their citizenship.

This movie series is not a recreation of actual events but is meant to bring awareness to the terrible conditions of immigration camps and the mistreatment perpetrated against our fellow human beings by our government. If all lives matter, why do we treat others in ways we would never want to be treated Regardless of gender, race, or immigration status – we are all human. ICE has lost over 1500 people in its care. There are also countless accusations of sexual mistreatment in these camps and the monsters are rarely held accountable for these atrocities. 

#AbolishICE #EndPrivatePrisions #PolicethePolice

As America continues down a dark path under the Trump administration, it's no longer just illegal immigrants who are the target of incarceration. After many years of success with “The New Immigration Policy,” companies like Good Samaritan Health Labs had run out of illegal immigrants to use as human guinea pigs since they had to release them after one year of service. Before being released, the immigrants had to sign non-disclosure agreements to get their official citizenship as well as ensure the public at large would never know what happened to the unluckiest new citizens during their one year of service. A few didn’t trust the documents and refused to sign, so they consolidated the remaining test subjects into one facility. Now hundreds of Good Samaritan Health Labs research facilities were vacant and desperately needed new human test subjects.

With these empty facilities also lacking revenue, Good Samaritan Health Labs had a Trump card to ensure they could always pad their pockets! The government was contractually obligated to keep these research and detention centers full, or the government would have to pay billions of dollars for these private facilities to sit empty! But if the facilities stayed full, it didn’t cost the government anything since the corporations were footing all the bills in exchange for always having well-stocked laboratories with a wide variety of human guinea pigs!

With the help of Good Samaritan Health Labs, a plan was devised to pass a law to invalidate hospital licenses near border cities if it was suspected even 1 fraudulent birth certificate may have been issued to an illegal immigrant carrying an anchor baby, aka any hospital they wanted to target. That would mean anyone previously born at that hospital is technically an illegal immigrant…even in their home country! Anyone born at that hospital would now be subject to “The New Immigration Policy” in the same capacity illegal immigrants previously had been! That meant arrest, detention, an assessment, and 1 year of service in whatever form was deemed most fit.

Seeing their own dollar signs, multiple corporations took part in lobbying for this new law since so many of them would benefit from a renewal in “The New Immigration Policy” Citizens wanted the bill passed since they were told it would save the government billions in fees for breach of contract from the empty detention centers. Nobody cared if it would uproot the lives of millions, and the bill quickly passed without even enough time to read it. The government has little regard for anyone, their own citizens included, as long as they’re once again paid by special interests instead of paying out for empty facilities.

The initial hospitals that had their birth certificates invalidated were no surprise or accident with very high Hispanic birth rates. But within weeks, most hospitals within 100 miles of a southern land border had all of their birth certificates invalidated. This was followed by an enforcement sweep of law enforcement and immigration officers. Anyone they encountered had to show their birth certificate, regardless of their immigration status. Anyone born at an invalidated hospital was arrested and sent to one of the various immigration processing facilities, no matter how much they claimed to be a natural-born citizen!

Eventually, enforcement moved nationwide as hospitals all over had their birth certificates invalidated. Law enforcement and immigration officers were arresting anyone born at an invalidated hospital, including non-Hispanics such as Europeans, Asians, and anyone else who happened to be born at an invalidated hospital! Before it was clear to see that “The New Immigration Policy” was targeted toward Hispanics and people of color, but now it was targeted towards anyone who could help enrich corporations!

The overwhelming majority of citizens didn’t care about what was happening, as long as they were not being impacted by it. So nobody paid attention to anyone who tried to speak out about the new law and what was actually taking place with their fellow citizens being rounded up and shipped off for government service…or possibly worse! They only cared if it started happening to themselves or their immediate family.

The newly illegal citizens faced the same fate as those illegal immigrants who came before them. They were processed at detention facilities that housed illegal immigrants previously. Just like before, many were sent for military service or public works projects. And also just like before, those corporations who made the largest contributions to campaigns and SuperPacs had their pick of the litter, with one of the most significant contributors being medical giant Good Samaritan Health Laboratories. So once again, the government turned a blind eye and funneled hundreds of thousands of former female citizens 18-30 to for-profit facilities where it was rumored females underwent invasive examinations, medical testing, and experimental surgical procedures. Thankfully the NDAs kept most quiet.

Unfortunately for stepsisters Angel and Yesenia, they are finding themselves in one of these facilities after a recent sweep by law enforcement. Doctor Tampa selected them from the daily intake processing catalog of the immigration camps, ordering them to be delivered specifically to his SIBS Ward for study and experimentation at a remote Good Samaritan Health Labs research facility. The doctor and all staff keep their faces fully covered at all times to dehumanize their test subject and ensure no test subjects will ever know their true identity.

Angel and Yesenia's duty to regain citizenship, as they will soon come to find out, will be donating their body to science. The stepsisters will be examined, and strapped down next to each other, before being poked, prodded, and studied by scientists. Doctor Tampa and Nurse Stacy Shepard LOVE their job, especially when their patients are from the SIBS Ward! The research is recorded so the doctors can later review their research. In addition, the video footage is live-streamed for other researchers to observe and study.

Angel and Yesenia arrived at Good Samaritan Health Laboratories after being arrested and processed for what they thought was just a technical error with their birth certificate. They couldn’t have been more wrong. This is the story of how stepsisters Angel and Yesenia Youso were impacted by “The New Immigration Policy,” American Citizens edition…

Model: Angel Santana, Doctor Tampa, Nurse Stacy Shepard, Yesenia Youso

Posted: Wed, 25 January 2023  Views: 263

Series: The New Immigration Policy: American Citizens Edition