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What’s Doctor Tampa’s future vision for MedFet?

MedFet is very diverse, and Doctor Tampa certainly has his own unique style! Read “Doctor Tampa’s Open Letter To Fans” to find out how Doctor Tampa’s taking his medical fetish art to the next level like no other clinic has ever done!

How much does it cost to join BuyMyMovies?

BuyMyMovies is free to join and watch previews! Then if you'd like to make a Pay-Per-View purchase, just buy a token package!

Where do I buy tokens?

Buy tokens with a Credit/Debit Card

Buy tokens with Crypto/CashApp/PayPal/Venmo

Is BuyMyMovies REALLY 30-45% cheaper than other platforms?

Yes. BuyMyMovies Vs Clips4Sale/ManyVids Pricing

Does BuyMyMovies have weekly new releases?

Yes, a full movie is released every day! Click here for the release schedule.

Why isn’t everything released at once?

BuyMyMovie customers asked that movies be released on a schedule instead of large batches 1 or 2 times each month.

Does BuyMyMovies recycle content?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Each movie is premiered 1 time on BuyMyMoves 6 months to 1 year ahead of being released on,,, or

Some BlastABitch and HitachiHoes movies are exclusive to those sites. Other BlastABitch and HitachiHoes movies are taken from inside other Doctor-Tampa movies but have been re-edited to give you a fresh take and focus on the sex scene or Hitachi scene! All GuysGoneGyno and SuckThePolice movies are exclusive to those sites.

Can I view ALL movies and pictures when I Join BuyMyMovies?

No, but once you join BuyMyMovies you can view 1-minute previews of any movies FOR FREE! BuyMyMovies is like Clips4Sale and ManyVids. All movies and picture sets are pay-per-view and you can immediately download or stream your purchase! Join,, or to stream hundreds of movies for 1 low price!

Can I download the picture sets I purchase?

YES! All purchases go into your BuyMyMovie account so you can download them now or anytime in the future. You can also view photo sets on BuyMyMovies without having to download them!

Can I download movies I purchase?

YES! All purchases go into your BuyMyMovie account so you can download them now or anytime in the future. You can also stream your movie purchases on BuyMyMovies without having to download them!

Do my purchases expire?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! All purchases go into your BuyMyMovie account so you can download them now or stream them anytime in the future. There is no expiration to your purchases.

How many times can I stream or download my purchases?

There is no limit to streaming or downloading your purchases, as long as it's only you enjoying them. Password sharing can result in being banned and losing access to purchases. Otherwise, there’s no limit to how many times you stream or download your purchases!

How are movies filmed?

Movies are filmed straight through in one take giving the patient and viewers an extremely immersive feeling. Most movies are filmed from a mix of “security cameras” and point-of-view cameras but some movies are filmed from a camera person's point-of-view. Most movies have a close-up pelvic camera and patient monitor camera edited in as a picture-in-picture, or is a side-by-side split screen with the patient and her pussy side-by-side! Rarely is there a cut since all movies are 100% improv!

Are movies cut up and choppy like the previews?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Those are previews. Full movies are uncut with every second of action and anticipation left for you to watch and enjoy. You see everything from the time Doctor-Tampa says "Action" to the time he says "Cut"! Movies filmed from a "security camera" view will move from camera to camera to show the best action, or be a split scene showing the patient's face on one half and their pussy on the other half! The longer the movie, the more building and intensity for those who enjoy edging!

Why aren’t there more nurses and girl-girl scenes?

Nurses are hard to train, and Doctor Tampa constantly cultivates new nurses. But training nurse’s takes time and money. So if you really want him to step behind the camera and film more girl-girl, JOIN NOW and help Doctor Tampa hire and retain more naughty nurses! In 2022, Doctor-Tampa release a TON of all-female cast movies!

Are there close-up shots?

Yes! Most movies have a picture-in-picture pelvic close-up camera, so you can see the patient’s pussy and facial expressions at the same time!

Why so much behind-the-scenes and consent scenes, especially in CaptiveClinic movies?

Doctor Tampa wants you, the credit card companies, and any preying eye who may be watching to have the full context of every movie. These scenes show movies were made with a model's upfront consent, even if it appears otherwise. Some fans appreciate knowing models wanted to and willingly participated in all of their torment. Some don’t like these scenes and say it ruins the fantasy.

Press your right arrow and skip ahead if you don’t like it. Doctor Tampa going to jail or not being allowed to take your credit card payments would really ruin the fantasy!

How long are movies?

Depending on the site, movies can be as short as 20 minutes and as long as 9 hours. The average movie runtime is about 2-3 hours.

Why are movies in multiple 30-minute segments?

#1: Easier to skip forward/backward with precision

#2: Makes a pirates job more difficult

#3: Movies load quickly

Use the "Series" tab to easily move between a movie's multiple segments!

Why are some POV (Point of View) movies so shaky?

POV movies date back 10+ years spanning many types and versions of cameras. Doctor Tampa spent years finding quality cameras and learning where to look when filming. Older POV movies are shaky, focus on the wrong parts, and look around way too much. As Doctor Tampa filmed, he learned and kept improving. Newer POV movies are unrecognizable compared to old POV movies! Join Now to see the new POV!

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