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Take Your Daughter To Work Day - Aria Nicole - Part 2 of 3 - Doctor-Tampa's POV

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

These are Ditria Rose's 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Aria Nicole has come to get her yearly checkup from Doctor Tampa during “Take Your Daughter To Work Day”. Aria doesn’t know this and while she waits for the doctor to arrive, Ditria Rose wanders in. Ditria is wearing scrubs and looks like a nurse, but confuses Aria when she simply says, “My dad sent me in”. Ditria then proceeds to just silently stare at Aria. Aria is very thrown off by Ditria’s strange behavior!

Doctor Tampa calls out from the hallway, looking to find his stepdaughter. Stepping into Aria's exam room, he finds Ditria staring at his patient. All of a sudden Aria realizes this strange girl isn’t a nurse! Aria is utterly confused now by Ditria’s presence, but Doctor Tampa explains is “Take Your Step Daughter To Work Day” and he decides to bring Ditria in to show her what he does all day! 

Doctor Tampa hopes to be an inspiration to help push Ditria into the family business, being a doctor! As he examines Aria, the doctor explains what he is doing as part of Ditria shadowing him in the work place. Ditria begrudgingly watches, but in reality, she’s just happy to have the day off from school!

Ditria does however find it very entertaining to stand there and make comments about everything her stepfather does to the patient, saying that it's not an examination, but plain and simply groping. Ditria tells Doctor Tampa that she will be telling Mommy what he does all day, groping girls! But Ditria may have gone too far by pulling her scrub pants down to compare her pussy to the patient's pussy, saying they have matching vaginas!

Doctor Tampa is definitely regretting bringing his stepdaughter to “Take Your Daughter To Work Day”...

Model: Aria Nicole, Doctor Tampa, Nurse Ditria Rose

Posted: Sat, 23 December 2023  Views: 167

Series: Take Your Daughter To Work Day