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The Dirty Dermatologists - Alix Avery - Part 1 of 2 - Doctor-Tampa's POV

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

With Behind The Scenes

This movie was inspired by a real-life dermatologist visit about 10 years ago. Doctor Tampa went in to get a mole removed and both of the naughty nurses wanted to know if there were any other moles hidden by his pants! He enjoyed those dirty dermatologists & hopes you enjoy his “Dirty Dermatologists"!

Alix Avery has come to Doctor Tampa’s dermatology office today to look at one of her moles. Doctor Nyx and Doctor Tampa enter the exam room together and begin to check the mole Alix is concerned about. As per the insurance company's instructions, the doctors examine and photograph every single mole or abnormality.

Slowly this perverted pair discovers more moles that need to be looked at, eventually getting Alix completely nude! Before Alix knows what's happening, she's on her back in stirrups as the doctors inspect her vagina for moles! They even photograph the moles on her genitals before measuring and swabbing the moles they are concerned about!

Why would they do this at a dermatology appointment? Well, maybe, just maybe, Doctor Tampa and Doctor Nyx like to comply with the insurance companies' requests especially if it allows them to look at a patient's private parts?! Alix doesn’t quite know what to think as she gets dressed. Like why did the doctor measure all of her moles while she was completely naked?

But that's what happens when you come to “The Dirty Dermatologists” office!

Model: Alix Avery, Doctor Nyx, Doctor Tampa

Posted: Tue, 26 December 2023  Views: 117

Series: The Dirty Dermatologists