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The Pre Employment Physical - Johnny Cartel - Part 1 of 2

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Watch the sequel “The Dirty Doctor Gets Busted” on SuckThePolice starring Johnny Cartel And Lenna Lux!

Johnny Cartel applied for a new job and got hired! As part of the hiring process, he must undergo a physical and submit a urine specimen before working at his local Police Department. Johnny knows the routine and is expecting a quick visit in and out. Boy was he surprised to be greeted by not just one… but two Doctors! The sexy Duo, Doctor Aria Nicole, and Doctor Lenna Lux. 

 Trying to be a big shot and play hard to get, Johnny Cartel puffs out his chest and plays tough. Aria and Lenna are not impressed. They let Johnny know who the alpha females are and humiliated him by making him get completely nude!

Nude and humiliated, Johnny Cartel powers through his exam with these two tough and sexy Doctors. Doctor Nicole and Lux want to touch and feel every part of this Police to be a hunk of a man!

They might even have to keep him for some more “medically necessary” examinations…and Officer Cartel won’t soon forget the way these doctors unnecessarily humiliated him for a simple work physical! Paybacks a bitch…

Model: Doctor Aria Nicole, Doctor Lenna Lux, Johnny Cartel

Posted: Wed, 17 August 2022  Views: 1877

Series: The Pre Employment Physical