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Become Doctor-Tampa, Blast Vasha Valentine's Pussy Full of Cum

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

With Consent Scenes And Behind The Scenes

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Vasha Valentine is a troubled 18-Year-Old who was recently arrested for shoplifting from a store. She appeared in court with the support of her parents. The judge gave Vasha two options:

#1: Go to jail for 6 months

#2: Enter a court-ordered inpatient treatment facility.

Vasha and her parents couldn’t believe that she was being offered a way out of trouble that would allow her to keep her record clean! The judge couldn’t believe he was about to get another kickback for sending a gorgeous 18-year-old girl to Doctor Tampa’s perverted and twisted treatment facility! 

Vasha has no idea what she's in for... Step into Doctor Tampa’s body as Vasha is stripped, restrained, and subject to your perverted experimentation! With her boobs out, Vasha is bottom-less and terrified ... Let’s see what you have been craving to do to this beautiful mixed girl

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Sunny Valentine, Vasha Valentine

Posted: Sun, 12 February 2023  Views: 223

Series: BlastABitch's Body With Cum