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Tampa University Entrance Physical - Lilly Jade - Part 1 of 4 - Doctor-Tampa's POV

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

With All Behind The Scenes At The End Of The Movie

Lilly Jade is excited to have been accepted into Tampa University, a premier private female-only college. She has dreamed of going there her entire life and only has to pass her Tampa University Entrance Physical before being formally accepted! Little did Lilly Jade know the examination at the gloved hands of Doctor Tampa would have been so involved!

Tampa University was founded decades ago by the father of Doctor Tampa, who built it into one of the most prestigious names in academics and sports. Upon his father's passing, Doctor Tampa inherited the university and immediately offered a lifelong friend the position of president with only three stipulations. Doctor Tampa would secretly remain in charge, be the only male physician, and be the only doctor allowed to administer a student’s entrance or annual physical. His lifelong friend couldn’t say no, especially with the offered salary!

Doctor Tampa was ecstatic to finally take control of the student body and was more than ready to make immediate changes to how student physicals were being conducted. The doctor had been around college girls his whole life. They were sweet to him growing up, but not during his maturing years. He longed to make them pay at his gloved hands. His mistreatment led him to become a doctor, more specifically an O.B./Gyn. Doctor Tampa loved putting girls in their place, which he believed was spread eagle on his exam table.

Being an O.B./Gyn had afforded him endless opportunities to spread girls wide for a thorough poking and prodding of their most intimate parts! Previously when a girl resisted, they may be restrained for the duration of the examination. Now that he’s in charge of Tampa University, he would simply explain if they didn’t submit to any part of his examination, they wouldn't be allowed to attend his prestigious university! Of course, he would never tell them it was his school. Doctor Tampa liked to make the university’s “Physical Examination Policy” out to be the bad guy!

Doctor Tampa did so because it had always been the school's policy that students receive a yearly medical check-up to ensure their fit to attend class and have good overall health. But originally, it had been a rather basic physical with nothing too embarrassing or invasive. After inheriting the college, Doctor Tampa quickly changed this simple exam into something medically unnecessary. Students couldn’t believe how thorough and embarrassing their student physicals were!

Sure, students complained, but the administration's official position was that all students would continue to see Doctor Tampa for whatever type of health assessment he saw fit. Some staff didn’t agree with the new president's changes but didn’t want to question their new boss. They simply kept their head down and kept their grievances to themselves.

The students who really paid the price for Doctor Tampa’s inheritance were the athletes. When a student had any intention of trying out for a sports team at Tampa University, they would find themselves doing exercises while completely nude as part of an additional sports physical! 

Little did students know Doctor Tampa had installed hidden cameras in the exam room and would their entire examination! He enjoyed rewatching their facial expression as the examinations began innocently enough before devolving into outright embarrassment. Usually, it would end with an orgasm under the guise of needing a secretion sample. Or he would end the mandatory exam with these vulnerable college girls naked on their hands and knees for a medically unnecessary rectal and vaginal temp! Those parts were great, but Doctor Tampa's favorite parts to playback over and over were the pelvic exam and sports physical! He couldn’t believe most athletes never questioned doing exercises while completely naked!

Then again, college students are often in a vulnerable position in life. Their entire life, they’ve been taught if a doctor is asking them to do something, it must be medically necessary for their health. This was often true in the case of student physicals. However, some students viewed these over-the-top examinations as part of the college experience or the price of admission to this prestigious school. They figured they’d rather submit to the doctor's stranger requests than make waves before being officially accepted. They’ve already come this far! Why stop now?

But it's not all ENF for the student body while in Doctor Tampa’s stirrups. He gives every student the option of an IUD developed by the university instead of traditional birth control. The IUD, while painful to insert, is the most maintenance-free and effective means of birth control. It doesn’t require them to remember to take a pill at the same time every day.

Even though Doctor Tampa is still a pervert seeking a merciless ENF revenge on college girls, he’s still their doctor and wants to make sure they are well cared for. Sure his examination process is over care, but the IUD will help ensure these bright young ladies can have all the college sex they want while completing their degree without any 9-month surprises!

So despite all of the embarrassment that Lilly Jade suffered at the hands of Doctor Tampa, there is still a positive. She will enter college with a clean bill of health and be armed against unwanted pregnancies!

Hopefully, you enjoy Doctor Tampa’s hidden camera footage of college GirlsGoneGyno during their Tampa University Entrance Physicals as much as Doctor Tampa enjoys it himself every evening! Masturbate away because there is no healthcare like your own self-care. Doctor’s orders!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Lilly Jade

Posted: Thu, 20 June 2024  Views: 195

Series: Tampa University Entrance Physical's

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