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Become Doctor-Tampa To Give Prisoner Mandatory Hitachi Orgasms - Maya Wong

Filmed from Doctor-Tampa’s Point Of View With Behind The Scenes

With Consent Scenes

Maya Wong has been taken by you, a faceless stranger, to become your newest human guinea pig for your strange sexual experiments on beautiful girls. Maya joins two of your other sex slaves, Aria Nicole and Channy Crossfire, who have since become your personal assistants!

Orgasm research is one of your favorite types of research to conduct. With your beautiful vulnerable patient strapped down and hooked up to a patient monitor, you and your assistants use a Hitachi Magic Wand to see how much you can make your human guinea pig cum!

Model: Doctor Aria Nicole, Doctor Tampa, Maya Wong, Nurse Channy Crossfire

Posted: Fri, 24 March 2023  Views: 291

Series: Prisoners Get Mandatory Hitachi Orgasms