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The Cum Clinic Extraction #7 - Doctor Tampa Treated By Female Surgeon's

With Behind The Scenes

Doctor Tampa has come to Doctor Aria Nicole and Doctor Teeny Nene’s office today for an examination and cum extraction! Already completely nude and spread eagle in the stirrups on the surgical table, the doctors enter the exam room in different-colored surgical gowns and hook their patient up to the patient monitor. After donning latex gloves, the female doctors take swabs and measurements of their patient's flaccid penis.

With the measurements complete, Doctor Nicole dons cream-colored surgical gloves before they both begin the manual extraction of their patient's semen. Both doctors work over their patient's cock until he cums, putting his cum into a tube to take off to the lab. With the sampling complete, the doctors clean up their patient before sticking a cotton swab into the shaft of his penis. They take new measurements of his balls and penis now that he's cum. Finally done, the doctors excuse themselves, telling their patient he can dress and leave.

Model: Doctor Aria Nicole, Doctor Tampa, Nurse Teeny Nene

Posted: Wed, 19 April 2023  Views: 4781

Series: The Cum Clinic