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Taken: By Your Government - Ditria Rose - Part 3 of 3 - Doctor-Tampa's POV

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

100% Uncut With Consent Scenes And Behind The Scenes Added At The Start and End Of Movie

These are Ditria Rose’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Before you see this movie, watch the prequel “Do They Really Health Care About You” on and You’ll see how Ditria Rose was taken by her own government!

Ditria wasn’t sure what went wrong and when. Ditria had gone to the government medical center for her mandated exam now that she was 18. She was thoroughly humiliated by everything that happened to her at the doctor and nurses gloves hands! Especially when they restrained her body to the exam table before poking and prodding Ditria’s breasts and vagina.

The doctor and nurse unrestrained her to take her for x-rays, but Ditria now thinks that was a trap to easily secure her to a gurney for transport. Now Ditria’s vulnerable as she watches the lights go by as she’s wheeled through a tunnel from the medical examination center to a nondescript building nearby that houses hundreds of female and male subjects the government has taken for various reasons.

As Ditria wheeled in, everything was a blur to her as OR nurses moved her from the gurney onto a surgical table. They restrain her legs spread eagle in the stirrups, restrain her arms out on arm extensions, and hook her up to a patient monitor before training the surgical light in between Ditria's spread legs. A mask is placed over her face, and she begins to get groggy as a doctor sits down in between her legs to examine Ditria’s soaking-wet vagina without even acknowledging her.

Not that Ditria can say anything back as her body lays there completely still from the gas. The gas continues to subdue her body as a nurse helps the doctor don a pair of surgical gloves and perform a procedure. He wants his new specimen to be in terror as she lays there strapped down. This is important in showing the medical team's dominance over their subjects like Ditria.

Ditria is left in this state until it becomes clear she’s learned this lesson. The medical team knows when that happens by watching any hope of becoming free fading from their patient's eyes as their eyes stop darting to follow the movement of the nurses in the room. Naked, shivering, spread eagle, completely humiliated and now broken, the nurses put headphones on Ditria's to play an introductory message explaining her current predicament:

You Have Been Taken By Your Government And Will Be Used In A Breeding Program:

“After your initial assessment, the medical team has selected you to serve your country in a higher calling. Because of your traits desirable to the state, you will not be returning to the life you knew. As you may know, birth rates keep declining. In the interest of national security, you have been selected to participate in a breeding research program. Your body no longer belongs to you and is the government's property. You will be studied and examined as you are used for research and subjected to medical experiments by various medical teams to help them understand why females are becoming infertile. If you are able to breed, you will be put into a breeding program. If you cannot successfully breed, you will be placed into other research programs for use by any medical team that needs a human test subject fitting your parameters. Escape is impossible, and if you attempt to escape or harm yourself, you will be sent to a special team of doctors and nurses specializing in medical pain and punishment for those who break the rules. After having many subjects to practice and perfect their techniques on, this team has perfected and become very skilled in inflicting medically induced pain to all parts of your body using specially designed tools as well as electricity without causing scarring or permanent damage. You are in a specially designated and designed facility where laws don’t apply to our staff and escape is completely impossible. The sooner you submit to your government, the sooner you will find yourself in the more desirable experiments.”

As Ditria lies there, broken, listening to the message, the medical staff continues to busy themselves with her body as their gloved hands are felt everywhere. Ditria’s genitals and reproductive organs are examined extensively, right down to the smallest detail before she's made to orgasm and cum multiple times are their gloved hands. The doctor and nurse also work to pump their specimen with semen at every change to study her reproductive abilities! Ditria starts to rationalize with herself; at least there seems to be some good cumming out of being in the breeding program, but she knows her future is bleak and ultimately hopeless since she’s been “Taken: By Her Government”!

Model: Ditria Rose, Doctor Aria Nicole, Doctor Tampa

Posted: Mon, 25 December 2023  Views: 235

Series: Taken: By Your Government