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Strangers In The Night: Way Not Fair Edition - Serena Morgan - Part 2 of 6 - Nurses POV

Filmed From The Nurse's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the nurse!

100% Uncut With All Consent Scenes and Behind The Scenes At The End Of The Movie - This movie’s a parody of the conspiracy theory that Wayfair was selling missing 18-year-olds as overpriced cabinets and artwork. True or not, this story opened the eyes of many to the sex trafficking networks hiding in plain sight. Human and sex trafficking has grown as it has been pushed further into the shadows with “feel good” laws FOSTA and SESTA. Those pieces of legislation did the opposite of what they were supposed to do and still need to be overturned. Why is sex work the only job where you can’t legally sell your body, but you can destroy your body for Amazon for $15/hr? More Information: #StopSESTA #StopFOSTA #LegalizeSexWorkers #EndSexTrafficking

The Story Of The “Serena Morgan Storage Cabinet WFXXX Utility”:

While browsing the dark web, Doctor Tampa came across a message board discussing dark topics. Other users had posted pictures of their shopping hauls from purchases they had made on big-name retail websites. It wasn't kitchen stuff or home goods like you may be thinking, but pictures of missing female 18-year-olds. 

The doctor was intrigued by what he saw and wondered if this could be a safer way to acquire sexual play toys for his sick desires. After digging around, he found out you could buy these missing 18-year-olds from popular online stores. They were being sold in plain sight if you knew what you were searching for! 

The traffickers weren't stupid enough to list actual human beings for sale. Suppose you went to the store's search bar and sorted items by price. In that case, you may have noticed some very standard products with extremely high prices... and very unusual names. Cabinets that were normally $500-$1000 cabinets were $12,899.99 with names such as "Serena Storage Cabinet WFXXX Utility".

Doctor Tampa went to a search engine and typed in "Serena Missing 18-year-old". Tons of articles popped up about a missing 18-year-old named Serena Morgan. Doctor Tampa was able to find her social media accounts and see lots of pictures of her. Additionally, he found out that if you searched the store's SKU number from the product on the website in a Russian search engine, you would pull up images of the missing girl and other missing 18-year-olds.

Doctor Tampa couldn't believe what he stumbled across! Serena was so gorgeous, and he would have so much fun having his way with her for a month or two! Once he inevitably grew tired of her, he would do what he always did as long as they did not discover his identity or see his face. Drop them off on the side of the road, far away from his house, before testing them to make sure they're not going to say anything to the authorities.

Buying her offline would also be a lot safer than his usual tactic of finding his prey and watching them through the night. Once they would go to leave, he'd pull up and pretend to be their rideshare. He would know her name from hearing it said in the bar and only tried to pick them up if he was sure they had had enough. When he would pull up, roll the window down, and say their name, they never checked their phone. They just got in.

It had worked every time, but it had always been a risky way of acquiring his new play toys, so the doctor was more than happy to take his chances ordering the Serena cabinet. Worst case scenario, he could always send it back if it was a real cabinet for that price. Or charge it back to his credit card.

However, after reading the dark web testimonials of satisfied customers and searching for pictures of Serena, he felt that he wouldn't need to use the website satisfaction guarantee. He placed an order, and two days later, there was a knock on his door. There were two people outside, and much to his delight, Serena Morgan was being delivered to Doctor Tampa's door! He found his new source of patients and couldn't wait to see what other overpriced items he could find with strange names!

Poor Serena's family, wondering where she has gone. But that's a little concern to the faceless doctor who is about to begin Serena's strip down and examination. Once his new patient passes her examination and STD test, she will be used for all his perverted sexual experiments!

Doctor Tampa couldn't be happier with his online shopping experience. After his first night of punishing Serena with Nurse Teeny Nene's help, he immediately began browsing for his next purchase. It will be a while before he gets bored with his current patient, but he checks the websites daily to see if there is anything new that catches his eye. Until then, Serena has the doctor and nurse's full attention!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Teeny Nene, Serena Morgan

Posted: Sat, 25 May 2024  Views: 106

Series: Strangers In The Night: WayNotFair Edition