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The Sexologist - Sandra Chappelle - Part 1 of 1

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These are Sandra Chappelle’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Daniel and Sandra Chapelle are a couple looking to enhance and make their sex life a 10 out of 10 experience. Every time they have sex, Sandra has to stop mid-way because it's so painful for her to take Daniel’s thick cock. The results are always the same whether it's doggy, on top, or any other position her little flexible body can get into. 

Sexologist Lilith Rose is delighted that they came in today. Usually, she sees the man or woman, never both. She is going to have fun with this appointment! Sexologist Rose decides that she needs to analyze their intercourse right there in her office for data-gathering purposes and to give a proper prognosis. They begin with a juicy and deep blowjob on the exam table. Getting turned on and ready to see more, Sexologist Lilith Rose tells them it's time to move Sandra onto the surgical table so she could observe them having sex.

This Sexologist is thrilled and getting wetter by the second. She just fooled them into fucking in her office right in front of her! Lilith Rose wants to make sure she gets to play this back later and sets up a camera to record the couple fucking as she observes what Daniel is doing. Just as the brilliant idea to record pops into her head– Sandra Chapelle whispers. “ I like it when another woman is watching.” Things are about to get exciting!!!

Sure Lilith Rose records them fucking under the guise of being able to study and observe their technique at a later time. But in reality, the Sexologist will be masturbating to this footage in her locked office as soon as Daniel cums and the couple leaves her office.

Watch this exam get freaky as “The Sexologist” attempts to cure Sandra’s tight little pussy of its fucking problem while also getting her own rocks off!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Lilith Rose, Sandra Chappelle

Posted: Fri, 21 October 2022  Views: 2269

Series: The Sexologist

The Sexologist - Sandra Chappelle - Part 1 of 1

The Sexologist - Sandra Chappelle - Part 1 of 1

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Lilith Rose, Sandra Chappelle
Posted: Fri, 21 Oct 2022
Length: 33:13   Views: 20,423