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Uniform Testing #2: Blue Striped White Coveralls, Face Coverings, Assorted Gloves

Become the patient on the surgical table as Doctor Tampa tries on tons of new PPE for you! The PPE includes assorted latex gloves, surgical gloves, procedure masks, scrub caps, colored bouffant caps over the face, and more while wearing blue-striped white coveralls! These are casual videos where Doctor Tampa will talk to you while trying everything on. Once fully dressed, the doctor will show off his final look. In the end, the patient gets the groggy mask put over their face so the now faceless doctor can begin the surgical experiments on them…rest well human guinea pig!

These uniform testing videos were created to test the look and combination of various PPE and coveralls or surgical gowns you may have seen in movies like SICCOS, Strangers In The Night, The New Immigration Policy: American Citizens Edition, and many more! If you enjoy this style of movie and want to see more of Doctor Tampa gloving in and engaging the camera as the patient, give them 5 stars and let Doctor Tampa know!

Model: Doctor Tampa

Posted: Tue, 19 March 2024  Views: 45

Series: Uniform Testing Videos