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Don't Tell Doc I Cum On The Clock - Nurse Mira Monroe - HitachiHoes EXCLUSIVE!

With Behind The Scenes

Nurse Mira Monroe was mid-shift when her boss asked if she could pick up a double. Mira was already stressed and feeling really horny when she said yes, but as the 2nd shift continued she just needed to take a break and give herself a release!

Eventually, the nurse was able to sneak into one of the empty exam rooms no longer used and undergoing renovation. Locking the door, Nurse Monroe retrieves a Hitachi Magic Wand that she has stored in the abandoned exam room for just these moments!

Taking off her shoes and scrub bottoms, Mira climbs onto one of the surgical tables and begins touching herself. Soon she’s got the Magic Wand giving her good vibes as she tries to keep quiet so no one will hear her!

But even staying quiet isn’t enough. Doctor Tampa noticed the lights were on when he walked by the exam room, and when he tried to enter he found the door locked. Pounding on the door demanding whoever was in the abandoned exam room had better open the door because the doctor was going to get security and the key to unlock it!

With Doctor Tampa now gone to fetch the key to unlock the door, Nurse Monroe quickly hides the Hitachi Magic Wand back in the drawer before getting dressed and sneaking out. When Doctor Tampa returns with the key, he thinks he going to be making the bust of the year, but instead, the exam room is completely empty!

Unconvinced that someone wasn’t in there, Doctor Tampa begins to look around, eventually finding the hidden Hitachi Magic Wand. Sniffing it, the doctor instantly knew one of his nurses was in there masturbating! But we won’t tell Doc that Nurse Mira Monroe came on his clock!

Model: Nurse Mira Monroe

Posted: Tue, 11 July 2023  Views: 286

Series: Don't Tell Doc I Cum On The Clock


Don't Tell Doc I Cum On The Clock - Nurse Mira Monroe - HitachiHoes EXCLUSIVE!

Model: Nurse Mira Monroe
Posted: Tue, 11 Jul 2023
Length: 32:06   Views: 2,582