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Strangers In The Night - Sebastian Blanco - Part 3 of 4

With Behind The Scenes + Consent Scenes At The Start & End Of The Movie

These are Teeny Nene & Sebastian Blanco’s 1st adult movies EVER!

Poor Sebastian Blanco came out of his house to get into his car when it all went wrong. As he went to put the key into the ignition, he noticed two strangers appear in his back seat. Before he could escape, they grabbed him and he felt something in his neck. That was the last thing Sebastian could remember!

Coming too, Sebastian’s nude body is restrained with a restraint belt and handcuffs tethered to a lead coming out of the ceiling. He looks around, realizing it's some kind of medical environment, and is completely clueless as to how he got there! Who had taken him, and what plans did they have?

It doesn’t take long for Sebastian to find out it's two out-of-this-world doctors in surgical gowns, and they have strange plans for Sebastian! Doctor Aria Nicole and Nurse Teeny Nene want to examine him before punishing Sebastian for being a man! Is this for science? Or just for their fun? Who are these two sickos? No matter who they are or what they want, unfortunately for Sebastian, he doesn’t have a choice in giving it to them! Even if that means he's made to endure physical punishment! Doctor Nicole even makes a restrained Sebastian fuck Nurse Nene while Doctor Aria Nicole continues to punish Sebastian!

Model: Doctor Aria Nicole, Nurse Teeny Nene, Sebastian Blanco

Posted: Sun, 5 March 2023  Views: 2615

Series: Strangers In The Night