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Teach Me How To Blow - Jackie Banes - BlastABitch EXCLUSIVE

With Behind The Scenes and Consent Scenes

See the prequel to this movie “Why Can’t I Orgasm, Doc?” starring Jackie Banes on!

Jackie Banes recently sought out sexual help and advice from Doctor Lilith Rose, a sex specialist. Jackie had been having an issue reaching climax, which Doctor Rose had successfully helped treat. Now Jackie is back trying to further amp up her sex life!

Doctor Rose asks Jackie if she would be interested in learning how to better please a man orally, which excites Jackie but she is unsure of how the doctor is going to accomplish this. Jackie thinks it must be a dildo, there's no way the doctor would do anything else. But Doctor Lilith Rose actually has a man on staff to help teach patients how to suck dick or take dick! The doctor explains this, as well as the male is tested and clean so Jackie agrees to let Doctor Rose teach her how to blow!

Returning a few minutes later, the doctor is now followed by a male in a white robe. After a brief introduction, the male lays on the surgical table as Jackie takes a seat in between his legs. With Doctor Rose’s instruction, Jackie begins to suck dick like a pro before the male stunt cock Blasts-A-Bitch with his huge load!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Jackie Banes, Nurse Lilith Rose

Posted: Tue, 2 May 2023  Views: 344

Series: BlastABitch Exclusive Movies