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Student Gets Busted & Blasted - Jackie Banes - BlastABitch EXCLUSIVE

With Behind The Scenes and Consent Scenes

This movie is filmed from the nurse's POV

See the “Alt Version” version of this movie under the same name where the camera dies during the sex scene! Just search “Alt Scene” on BlastABitch!

College freshman Jackie Banes has been called into Doctor Tampa’s office. Unsure why, she quickly finds out it's because she didn’t pass her urine test. Jackie has been smoking up 420 and now it's going to finally catch up with her since the school doesn’t let addicts continue their education if they get caught!

That is, unless Doctor Tampa can look the other way and omit that positive result from Jackie's record. Doctor Tampa and Nurse Lilith Rose LOVE to humiliate students who don’t obey the rules and want to ask for forgiveness. The perverted pair constantly humiliates students in exchange for looking the other way. So they have Jackie strip down to her birthday suit as they grope her, before making Jackie suck the doctor's fat cock. Not just satisfied with getting his cock sucked, the doctor bends Jackie over his desk, fucking her from behind before blasting a HUGE load all over Jackies back!

Hopefully after Doctor Tampa Blasts-A-Bitch, Jackie will make better decisions for her future! Because if she doesn’t, she’ll end up in the same position she was just in…sucking dick, getting bent over and fucked and blasted with cum by Doctor Tampa!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Jackie Banes, Nurse Lilith Rose

Posted: Sat, 6 May 2023  Views: 197

Series: BlastABitch Exclusive Movies