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A Shocking Way To Treat Potheads - Alix Avery - Part 6 of 6 - Doctor-Tampa's POV

100% Uncut With Consent Scenes and Behind The Scenes Added At The Start and End Of Movie

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

#SocialAwarenessPorn - This movie is based on a misguided belief that you can require someone to do something they don’t want to do. The government and religious groups have tried to cure addiction through barbaric means such as “shock therapy” on not willing patients. Therapy works on someone who wants to change but is otherwise punishing someone who does not want to change their ways. End the jailing of addicts and spend the money on making treatment available should addicts want to seek treatment. Cages do not cure addiction. #EndTheWarOnDrugs

Alix Avery has been arrested for cannabis possession. She was given the option of going to jail or a 30-day in-house rehabilitation program. Obviously, she took the 30 days instead of going to jail and promptly signed the plea deal without really understanding the type of treatment she would undergo. Alix was just happy she wasn’t going to jail! The judge was happy because he would get another kickback for funneling another pothead to Doctor Tampa’s treatment facility!

Alix is immediately brought from court to the treatment facility where she is treated like a criminal and kept in her orange inmate jumpsuit to reinforce a negative jail-like experience. Upon meeting the doctor, Alix is strip-searched, and required to undergo a medical evaluation. Once the doctor finishes examining Alix, he administers her first round of positive reinforcement therapy with a pinpoint vibrator and Hitachi Magic Wand to reward Alix for her compliance and not blazing up before court! After the therapy is done, Alix is she's shown her new home for the next 30 days, a cramped padded room, and strapped into her bed.

The next day, Alix begins her 1st round of negative reinforcement therapy. She is wearing her inmate uniform, restraint belt, and handcuffs. Doctor Tampa strip-searches Alix, having her squat and cough. After a successful strip search, the doctor instructs Alix to get on the surgical table. He straps her legs into the stirrups, and secures her wrists and waist, before hooking Alix up to a patient monitor. Placing a gas mask over Alix’s face, it pumps in the smell of cannabis while Alix undergoes impact and shock therapy treatment to help recondition her into not wanting to consume cannabis.

With the negative reinforcement therapy complete, Doctor Tampa moves into positive reinforcement therapy by removing the mask and using the Hitachi Magic wand to deliver a seemingly endless stream of leg-shaking orgasms to Alix’s sensitive clit! With the positive reinforcement therapy complete, Doctor Tampa unhooks and unrestrained Alix before having her dress and returning her to her tiny padded room.

It's going to be a long 30 days for Alix as Doctor Tampa administers negative and positive reinforcement therapy each and every day! Will the treatments work, or will Alix be required to have an extended stay at the treatment clinic? Either way, I bet Alix wishes she had a blunt right now!

Model: Alix Avery, Doctor Tampa

Posted: Thu, 28 December 2023  Views: 131

Series: A Shocking Way To Treat Potheads