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Corporate Slaves - Jasmine Rose - Part 2 of 9 - Doctor-Tampa's POV

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

100% Uncut With Consent Scenes and Behind The Scenes Added At The Start and End Of Movie

These are Jasmine Rose’s 1st Adult Movies EVER!

Before you see this movie, watch the prequel “Bratty Orphan’s Cheerleader” on and to see how the virgin Jasmine Rose was examined and selected to become the next “Corporate Slave”! Also see Ava Siren’s “Corporate Slaves” on and to see how Ava went from virgin to Doctor Tampa's personal sex slave and assistant, helping him deflower virgins like Jasmine!

To combat homelessness of those 18-21, the government recently raised the age of being an adult and able to live on your own to 21. These new laws would allow those 18-21 to become more financially stable before they would be allowed to move out and live on their own. The new laws were intended to put orphans in a better place after high school before fending for themselves in the world. For most, it worked out well, but others saw a niche to make use of and powerless 18-Year-Olds waiting to be taken advantage of. This new law also meant orphans were remanded to the custody of the state until they were 21.

With an already burdened budget, the state just didn't have the money to provide adequate care. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to exploit a crisis, corporations went to work lobbying government officials. Their argument was since corporations are legally considered to be people, they should be able to adopt these burdens on the state. The biggest money that flowed in was from the health care and pharmaceutical companies' lobbyists. They pushed and successfully lobbied the government to let them adopt those who they claimed weren't adoptable because of their age. While some people thought it was a terrible idea, a slick marketing campaign persuaded the public that this was a good move. It would decrease the government's cost to feed and house all of these 18-Year-Olds!

They also billed it as a way to help get them ready for life, with learning a trade and starting a career as their other argument! And while they had success stories they touted, most of these 18-Year-Olds ended up working for free since the companies were under no legal obligation to pay those they had adopted. What's worse is with the sudden adoption of so many, the underfunded department tasked to monitor all those who got adopted had little money to enforce the little authority they had. Companies like Good Samaritan Health Care Laboratories took advantage of this. Many of the fittest and most attractive 18-Year-Olds were passed around their various research laboratories. They were subject to constant and humiliating daily medical examinations, tests, and experiments. But they did balance the budget finally!

Now that Jasmine Rose has turned 18, the state can no longer afford to care for her until she turns 21 and ages out of foster care. Thankfully for the state, companies like Good Samaritan Health Laboratories have stepped up to help! One of their doctors, Doctor Tampa, has selected Jasmine to be one of his guinea pigs!

Jasmine and the other girls from the group home recently visited Good Samaritan Health Labs for free physicals. These examinations are performed to appear charitable but are really a way for the doctors to select human guinea pigs for Good Samaritan Health Labs to adopt! Little did Jasmine know when she admitted to being a virgin during this exam that she would be selected to be one of Doctor Tampa’s specimens! He wants to use Jasmine as part of his research studies on how losing one's virginity changes their body!

On her 18th birthday, Jasmine Rose is told by the foster home leader she is going to her cheerleader tryouts. Unfortunately, that is a lie, and soon she finds herself waking up in a strange place, shackled to an exam table in a medical clinic. Before long, it becomes apparent her life will never be the same, especially once Doctor Tampa strips Jasmine down to examine the virgin's beautiful body!

Soon enough, Jasmine will better understand her new life. The doctor specifically looks for virgin patients to study them before and after their virginity is taken. This is going to be one hell of a way for poor Jasmine to lose her virginity! Doctor Tampa has a special twisted surprise as his female nurse is one of his formerly virgin patients. Ava Siren is now his personal sex slave and assistant in helping him deflower beautiful virgins like Jasmine! Ava can’t believe she went from being the patient to helping study these beautiful girls while helping Doctor Tampa take their virginity!

Poor Jasmine Rose...Happy 18th birthday! Doctor Tampa has an unwrapped present for you! Your new life will include being studied and fucked alongside other former virgins!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Jasmine Rose, Nurse Ava Siren

Posted: Mon, 10 January 2022  Views: 309

Series: Corporate Slaves