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The Perv Doctor - Teeny Nene - Part 3 of 3

With All Behind The Scenes At The End Of The Movie

All-Female Cast!

The perv doctor is the worst doctor ever, figuratively and literally! After barely graduating high school, Ditria Rose somehow got accepted into a very questionable medical school. What's even more unbelievable is that she somehow graduated earning the title of medical doctor! It probably helped that her dad paid off the dean, but that's a whole nother story!

The perv doctor set up shop near an all-female college and heavily solicited the sorority house. Hoping the pledges and sisters who may need examinations or medical attention go to her office. She hit the jackpot! These girls were hot and dumb as rocks! They didn’t even realize how terrible of a doctor she was! They were always in her office for the most trivial of reasons. School physicals, sports physicals, a too-sensitive clit, or the most common, an overly wet pussy, aka a case of the WAP!

It seems the perv doctor’s patient today has a self-diagnosed case of “super vaginal and clitoral sensitivity”. JACKPOT! The perv doctor doesn’t even have to try to be a doctor today! She can be the pervert she’s always been but with the title of doctor while groping oblivious patient Teeny Nene!

Is there a medical reason to suck on a patient's nipple or eat her patient’s pussy? Or suck on her feet? Or use a clit sucker on her patient? Absolutely not, except for maybe the clit sucker, but Doctor Rose always seems to have some excuse for her perv doctor behavior! At least Teeny Nene is agreeable to the treatment the perv doctor is providing! Doctor Rose, you are one lucky perv!

Model: Doctor Ditria Rose, Teeny Nene

Posted: Sun, 7 July 2024  Views: 82