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The Problematic Patient - Alix Avery - Part 1 of 1 - Doctor-Tampa's POV

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

With Behind The Scenes

See the prequel, “A Second Opinion” on as Doctor Nyx and Doctor Tampa get called in by Doctor Aria Nicole to look at a potential health issue with a patient, Alix Avery!

Returning with Alix to the exam room, Doctor Tampa and Doctor Aria Nicole secure their patient's legs into the stirrups on the surgical table. Doctor Nicole begins an ultrasound of Alix’s breasts while Doctor Tampa wipes down Alix’s vagina and preps the room for the surgical procedure.

Doctor Nicole used the ultrasound machine to confirm what she felt was just muscle and not anything she had to be worried about, handing the ultrasound machine off to Doctor Tampa to perform an abdominal ultrasound.

After Doctor Tampa confirms the presence of a cyst, Doctor Nicole hooks Alix up to the patient monitor before putting the gas mask on to make her comfortable as Doctor Tampa prepares to begin the surgical procedure to remove Alix’s painful cysts.

Thanks to the ultrasound, Doctor Tampa could see that his patient had two cysts that were more than likely causing her pain. Alix being in pain, just wants to leave, but had already been explained by the office staff that her insurance company requires her to undergo any procedures that the doctors deem will be beneficial to her health. 

Gloving in, Doctor Tampa starts the procedure, using no anesthetic, which ends up causing Alix a great deal of pain and discomfort. While Alix is not happy about what she's going through, she hopes she'll feel better soon and that the pain in her lower regions will be gone.

Upon successfully removing the cysts, Doctor Tampa and Doctor Nicole leave the room while Alix gets back into her street clothes. While Alix may have been a problematic patient because of the pain, coming to see these two doctors today helped her solve a problem that she didn't even know she had!

Model: Alix Avery, Doctor Aria Nicole, Doctor Tampa

Posted: Fri, 29 December 2023  Views: 654

Series: The Problematic Patient