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Don't Tell Doc I Cum On The Clock - Nurse Ditria Rose - Part 1 of 2 - HitachiHoes EXCLUSIVE!

With Behind The Scenes

These are Ditria Rose’s 1st adult movies EVER!

Nurse Ditria Rose was mid-shift when her boss asked if she could pick up a double. Ditria was already stressed and feeling really horny when she said yes, but as the 2nd shift continued she just needed to take a break and give herself a release!

Eventually, the nurse was able to sneak into one of the empty exam rooms that is often used for orgasm research studies. Locking the door, she looks around at the various stimulation devices before taking off her shoes and scrub bottoms. Sliding out the stirrups, she takes a seat on the exam table.

While the suction of the device feels good, Nurse Ditria Rose REALLY needs to cum, so she put it back in exchange for a surefire way to climax…a Hitachi Magic Wand!

After having multiple orgasms, Nurse Rose cleans up the exam room like nothing ever happened before she leaves to return to work! Hopefully, this is just our little secret and you won’t tell Doc that Nurse Ditria Rose just came on the clock!

Model: Nurse Ditria Rose

Posted: Wed, 6 December 2023  Views: 168

Series: Don't Tell Doc I Cum On The Clock