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Welcome To Rikers - Ditria Rose - Part 1 of 2

With All Behind The Scenes At The End Of The Movie

This movie is based on multiple lawsuits to stop ILLEGAL gynecological examinations of all females booked at Rikers Island jail. The warden of Rikers has refused to stop their illegal actions despite court orders to stop. This state-sanctioned mistreatment is using our tax dollars to fund the sick and perverted actions of police, jail guards, wardens, and medical staff. This highlights the need to do away with “victimless crimes” and prosecute those in power who continue to violate citizens using OUR tax dollars.

#CriminalJusticeReform #DefundJails #EndPrivatePrisons #DefundPolice #EndTheWarOnDrugs     #PoliceThePolice 

A corrupt police woman named Ditria Rose has been arrested and is being booked at Rikers Island jail. Officer Ditria Rose busted the wrong dealer and took a stash that didn’t belong to her. It wouldn’t have been an issue if she had booked it into evidence, but she didn’t and the stash happened to belong to a confidential informant who immediately reported the incident to their police handler!

Officer Ditria Rose has arrested many suspects and knows exactly what is going to happen to her during booking. The incarcerated officer knows the jail requires all women to undergo a mandatory gynecological exam, despite multiple lawsuits that should have made this stop. This is because the warden likes misusing his power over women. He continues to punish each female who enters through his gates by making them submit to a strip search that involves an unauthorized gynecological exam. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Rikers for the practice, but they refuse to stop. And well, a corrupt cop deserves to have the book thrown at her so Ditria won’t be treated any differently than the common criminals she was used to arresting and helping to book!

Doctor Teeny Nene stands by, ready to administer the medical exam and gynecological checkup! Officer Ditria Rose is not happy that she's in custody and her attitude is making things worse for her. Officer Tampa doesn’t take any BS from anyone and doesn’t hold back while interrogating the corrupt cop.

Now naked as the day she was born, Ditria is ordered by Doctor Nicole and Officer Tampa to bend over, squat, and cough over a mirror. They both watched as she spread her cheeks and coughed. Now that she's passed the visual inspection it's time for the next phase… fingerprinting, booking photos, and a thorough gyno exam giving her 3 hots and a cot. Plus Ditria gets to trade her base color uniform for a new vibrant orange uniform!

Model: Ditria Rose, Doctor Teeny Nene, Officer Tampa

Posted: Fri, 21 June 2024  Views: 340