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The Virginity Clinic - Serena Morgan - Part 1 of 5 - Doctor-Tampa's POV

Filmed From Doctor Tampa's POV (Point of View) so you can glove in and become the doctor!

With All Behind The Scenes At The End Of The Movie

Serena Morgan is 18 and can’t believe that she’s still a virgin! But life hasn’t happened the way she thought it would. There never ended up being that special guy in her life who wanted to make it a special event. Guys always wanted to get fucked up and bang. She never found one who wanted to do anything special to take her virginity.

Chatting with a friend who knew she was still a virgin, she suggested Serena go to “The Virginity Clinic” if she really wanted to lose her virginity in a way more special than horrible sloppy sex. 

She explained that Doctor Tampa ran a special clinic out of his house where in exchange for Serena submitting to an examination before and after her virginity was taken, the doctor would take her virginity in a way that would at least be memorable! It was how she had lost her virginity! She assured Serena it was completely safe as the doctor provided STD testing and birth control; unlike the randos, she could lose it too! She also showed Serena copies of the videos she was given since the doctor records all of his patients during the study!

Wow, that would be a great way to lose my virginity is all Serena could think! She didn’t want to arrive at college a virgin and certainly didn’t want some rando being able to brag about being her first.

Serena’s friend went on and on about how amazing it was with toys and kinky things he did. Plus he had a really cute female doctor who didn’t seem too much older assistant around their age, Nurse Teeny Nene! It was obvious to Serena her friend really enjoyed it! The only downside is it was weird being poked and prodded with instruments. But the sex was great, the doctor was cute, and she encouraged Serena to lose her virginity and herself at “The Virginity Clinic”!

Serena felt like it was the best way to lose her virginity. All she wanted was for the doctor to fuck her and finish as quickly as possible just so she was done with her virginity. She asked her friend for the clinic’s phone number before heading home to schedule her appointment to FINALLY lose her virginity!

Model: Doctor Tampa, Nurse Teeny Nene, Serena Morgan

Posted: Tue, 18 June 2024  Views: 102

Series: The Virginity Clinic