BuyMyMovies Is Pay-Per-View Downloads Of Any CaptiveClinicDoctor-TampaGirlsGoneGyno, GuysGoneGynoHitachiHoesSuckThePolice movie!


BuyMyMovies Is NOT Included With, or Streaming Memberships.

BuyMyMovies is Doctor-Tampa’s very own replacement for his no longer updated Clips4Sale/ManyVids stores. BuyMyMovies is a "Pay-Per-View" platform where you buy token packages and spend the tokens on photo sets and movie segments that you can download or stream. 

Those purchases are saved to your BuyMyMovies account so you can re-stream/re-download anytime you want in the future with no expiration date!

All movies made by Doctor-Tampa all released on 1st before eventually becoming available to streaming .com members on,,, and

Additionally, BuyMyMovies is the only place you can find new concepts like Beat2Feet, BlastABitch, GuysGoneGyno, and SuckThePolice. These concepts aren't large enough to justify their own streaming sites and are only available via Pay-Per-View on BuyMyMovies. You can also buy to download/stream CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, GirlsGoneGyno, and HitachiHoes movies before they become available to their respective .com streaming membership sites!

Streaming .com membership sites offer a lot of value giving you hundreds of movies you can stream for one low price. But you can’t download videos, have to wait for new releases to come out, and will lose access to all of those movies once you stop subscribing. BuyMyMovies is like going to see a premier in theatres AND getting a copy of the movie to keep that you can enjoy indefinitely without having to pay again, plus movies are release in full on BuyMyMovies just weeks after being filmed!

Why Did Doctor-Tampa Build BuyMyMovies?

On October 15, 2021, Doctor Tampa stopped uploading new movies to C4S/MV as doing so puts performers’ identities at risk of being exposed due to new MasterCard regulations. Platforms must now keep performers information on file. By building his own platforms, Doctor-Tampa retains all records and doesn’t have to transmit every model's ID and paperwork over the internet unless specifically asked for it by his credit card processor.

Doctor Tampa works hard to protect his staff members' and patients' personal information. Doctor-Tampa NEVER sells or shares your information.

So Is An Upsell?

All movies on will eventually become available to .com streaming members on,,, and So BuyMyMovies isn’t an upsell, it's just a different way to support Doctor-Tampa’s work. Just check each .com streaming website's “Release Schedule” under the “Updates” tab for streaming release dates!

Doctor-Tampa's movies have always been available for purchase and download on Clips4Sale and ManyVids for 6+ months before they become available for streaming members. BuyMyMovies is Doctor-Tampa’s direct replacement and serves the same function C4S/MV did, with several major improvements!

BuyMyMovies Advantages Over C4S/MV:

#1: The ONLY Place To Download New Movies!

Other platforms are no longer updated with new Doctor-Tampa movies.

BuyMyMovies is the ONLY place you can find and download new movies made by Doctor-Tampa!

#2: 30-45% Lower Prices!

Other platforms take 40% of revenue and charge you sales/VAT tax, resulting in higher movie prices.

On BuyMyMovies, Doctor-Tampa doesn’t charge sales/VAT tax and pays 16% to process credit cards. BuyMyMovies pretax prices are 30-45% cheaper than other platforms, so Doctor-Tampa passes the savings, and then some, onto you!


Other platforms only give you 24-48 hours to download purchases.

On BuyMyMovies, there is no such limitation!

All BuyMyMovies purchases are stored in your account where you can re-stream and re-download your purchase indefinitely without paying again!

#4: Pay With Crypto/CashApp/PayPal/Venmo!

Other platforms only let you make purchases with credit and debit cards.

On BuyMyMovies, you can make purchases with cryptocurrencies, CashApp, PayPal, and Venmo as well as credit and debit cards!


On other platforms, Doctor-Tampa released 1 new movie segment each day to stay listed on their front page for new releases. Full movies could take 1+ week to come out.

On BuyMyMovies, Doctor-Tampa releases all segments of a movie at once since he’s not competing for the front page!


On other platforms, Doctor-Tampa’s movies and accounts can be deleted without warning. Did you know OnlyFans deleted Doctor-Tampa overnight without warning?

By building his own platforms, the only person who can delete Doctor-Tampa overnight is Doctor-Tampa!


On other platforms, there is no way to sell photo sets. This meant picture sets were only available on streaming membership sites.

On BuyMyMovies, picture sets are available for sale alongside their movies!

The best part is most picture sets are only $1!


On other platforms, Doctor-Tampa needed 10 movies to open a new store for a new site concept.

On BuyMyMovies, Doctor-Tampa can launch a new site concept anytime with just 1 clip!